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"In the end, only kindness matters."

Now retired, I spend one-third of my time doing volunteer work (mostly for the environment), one-third doing music (playing/singing in various small groups) and one-third of my time just loafing around (reading, surfing the web, staring at clouds while trying to solve the world's problems (never mind my own)).

I have a wide range of interests and likes and dislikes. I am a political and religious liberal. Being with friends is one of my favorite places to be, though I also need/love to get somewhere for a day or a week or (once in a while) a month just by myself.

I've always thought that Truth, Love and Beauty were the things to strive towards in Life, but lately I've come to question these Absolutes (in that they ARE so subjective) and am starting to try to just appreciate the moment where I always seem to be (at any given moment).